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      皮耶爾·奧古斯特·雷諾阿(Pierre-Auguste Renoir)

      皮耶爾·奧古斯特·雷諾阿(Pierre-Auguste Renoir)

      藝術家: 皮耶爾·奧古斯特·雷諾阿

      生于: 1841年2月25日;法國利摩日

      卒于: 1919年12月03日;Cagnes sur Mer,法國

      國籍: 法國

      流派: 印象派

      領域: 繪畫

      受影響: 古斯塔夫·庫爾貝,卡米耶·畢沙羅,愛德華·馬奈,歐仁·德拉克羅瓦,卡米耶·柯羅,埃德加·德加,弗朗索瓦·布歇,拉斐爾,讓·奧古斯特·多米尼克·安格爾,讓·安東尼·華多,弗朗西斯科·戈雅

      影響: 施爾德·哈森,瑪麗·卡薩特,保羅·塞尚,亨利·馬蒂斯,巴勃羅·畢加索

      老師: 查爾斯·格萊爾

      朋友: 阿爾弗萊德·西斯萊,克勞德·莫奈,阿米地奧·莫迪里阿尼,弗雷德里克·巴齊耶,卡米耶·畢沙羅,蘇珊娜·瓦拉東,古斯塔夫·卡里伯特

      機構: 美術學院,巴黎,法國


      Pierre Auguste Renoir是法國畫家,是印象派風格的主要畫家。小時候,他在一家瓷器廠工作。他的繪畫技巧早就被認可了,不久他就被用來在中國瓷器上設計圖案。在藝術學校開學前,他還為歌迷畫裝飾。1862年他搬到巴黎學習藝術,在那里他遇到了弗雷德里克·巴齊爾、克勞德·莫奈和阿爾弗雷德·西斯利,他們都是偉大的印象派畫家。到1864年,他在巴黎沙龍展出作品,但在接下來的十年里,他的作品幾乎無人注意,這主要是由于法普戰爭造成的混亂。后來,在1871年的巴黎公社里,雷諾阿正在塞納河岸上畫畫,這時公社的一些成員向他走來,他們認為他是個間諜。他們威脅要投進河里,但他被公社的領導人拉烏爾·里高特救了,他在早些時候保護過他。他在1874經歷了第一次藝術成就,在第一次印象派展覽,后來在同一年的倫敦。1881年,雷諾阿開始了他的世界之旅,跟隨尤金·德拉克羅瓦的腳步,前往意大利,觀看文藝復興時期大師的作品,后來又去了阿爾及利亞。在阿爾及利亞,他遭遇了一場嚴重的肺炎,讓他臥床六個星期,并永久性地損害了他的呼吸系統。在他晚年的生活中,甚至連嚴重的類風濕性關節炎都不能阻止雷諾阿畫畫,這種病使他只能坐在輪椅上活動。他的關節炎最終變得如此嚴重,以至于他的手和肩膀永久性地身體畸形,這要求他改變他的繪畫技巧以適應他的身體限制。1919年雷諾阿去世之前,他曾到盧浮宮參觀他的畫作,這些畫和偉大大師的杰作一起掛在博物館里。他是一位多產的藝術家,一生創作了數千件藝術品,并包括一些藝術界最著名的繪畫。


      Artist :Pierre-Auguste Renoir

      Additional Name :Pierre-Auguste Renoir

      Born : Limoges, France

      Died : Cagnes-sur-Mer, France

      Nationality :French

      Art Movement :Impressionism

      Influenced by :gustave-courbet,camille-pissarro,edouard-manet,eugene-delacroix,camille-corot,edgar-degas,francois-boucher,raphael,jean-auguste-dominique-ingres,antoine-watteau,francisco-goya

      Influenced on :childe-hassam,mary-cassatt,paul-cezanne,henri-matisse,pablo-picasso

      Teachers :charles-gleyre

      Friends and Co-workers :alfred-sisley,claude-monet,amedeo-modigliani,frederic-bazille,camille-pissarro,suzanne-valadon,gustave-caillebotte

      Art institution :école des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France

      Pierre Auguste Renoir was a French artist, and was a leading painter of the Impressionist style. As a young boy, he worked in a porcelain factory. His drawing skills were early recognized, and he was soon employed to create designs on the fine china. He also painted decorations on fans before beginning art school . He moved to Paris in 1862 to study art, where he met Frederic Bazille, Claude Monet, and Alfred Sisley, all great impressionist painters. By 1864, he was exhibiting works at the Paris Salon, but his works went largely unnoticed for the next ten years, mostly in part to the disorder caused by the Franco-Prussian War.

      Later, during the Paris Commune on 1871, Renoir was painting on the banks of the Seine River, when he was approached by a number of members from the commune, who thought he was a spy. They threatened to throw in into the rive, but he was saved by the leader of the commune, Raoul Rigault, whom he had protected on an earlier occasion. He experienced his first artistic success in 1874, at the first Impressionist Exhibition, and later in London of the same year. In 1881, Renoir began his world travels, voyaging to Italy to see the works of the Renaissance masters, and later to Algeria, following in the footsteps of Eugene Delacroix. It was in Algeria where he encountered a serious bout with pneumonia, leaving him bed ridden for six weeks, and permanently damaging his respiratory system.

      In the later years of his life, not even severe rheumatoid arthritis, which left him confined to a wheelchair and limited his movement, could deter Renoir from painting. His arthritis eventually got so bad as to leave a permanent physical deformity of his hands and shoulder, which required him to change his painting technique to adapt to his physical limitations. Before his death in 1919, Renoir traveled to the Louvre to see his paintings hanging in the museum alongside the masterpieces of the great masters. He was a prolific artist, created several thousands artworks in his lifetime, and include some of the most well-known paintings in the art world.

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      Pierre-Auguste Renoir(1841-1919)
      印象派藝術家皮耶爾·奧古斯特·雷諾阿(Pierre-Auguste Renoir)專題網站




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