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      弗朗西斯科·戈雅(Francisco Goya)

      弗朗西斯科·戈雅(Francisco Goya)

      藝術家: 弗朗西斯科·戈雅

      生于: 1746年3月30日;錯誤代碼(54000)

      卒于: 1828年4月16日;16april 1828

      國籍: 西班牙

      流派: 浪漫主義

      領域: 繪畫,版畫

      受影響: 阿爾布雷希特·丟勒,迭戈·德·席爾瓦·委拉斯開茲

      影響: 巴勃羅·畢加索,Chaim Soutine,Roberto Montenegro,瓊斯·克里門特·奧羅茲柯,皮耶爾·奧古斯特·雷諾阿,馬克斯·克林格

      老師: José Luzán,安東·拉斐爾·門斯

      機構: 西班牙馬德里圣費爾南多貝拉斯阿特斯學院



      < P > 1792和1793年之間,戈雅得了一種神秘的疾病,這使他聾,并影響了他心理行為。目前一些醫學科學家相信他的耳聾是一個結果,他在作畫時使用鉛,而另一些人認為它可能是某種病毒性腦炎。無論哪種方式,它對戈雅的影響都不能被低估。他生病后,他變得孤僻內向,開始畫一系列令人不安的作品對他在金塔德爾索爾多房子的墻。他早期的歡快的節日和卡通的主題變成了戰爭和尸體的描寫,代表了他內心的黑暗。這是否有更多的是法國對西班牙的戰爭或一些醫療問題導致精神障礙申報了辯論。這樣,他的遺產就從皇室的簡單肖像到魔鬼的刻畫,吞噬著他們的年輕人。他的遺產也啟發了幾部歌劇、鋼琴組曲和一些故事片。


      Artist :Francisco Goya

      Additional Name :Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes

      Born :30 March 1746

      Died :16 April 1828

      Nationality :Spanish

      Art Movement :Romanticism

      Field :painting,printmaking

      Influenced by :albrecht-durer,diego-velazquez

      Influenced on :pablo-picasso,chaim-soutine,robert-montenegro,jose-clemente-orozco,pierre-auguste-renoir,max-klinger

      Teachers :jose-luzan,anton-raphael-mengs

      Art institution :Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid, Spain

      Francisco Goya was a talented Spanish painter and printmaker, and is considered one of the last of the Old Masters of painting, as well as the first of the moderns. He began his apprenticeship in painting at the age of 14, and his talent was quickly recognized. He first submitted entries to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1763, and then later in 1766, both of which were denied. But, in 1771, he traveled to Rome and won second place in a painting competition and secured employment designing tapestries at the Royal Tapestry Factory. He completed over 42 patterns, which were used to cover the walls in the newly built palaces around Madrid, giving him an immediate royal audience.

      In the 1780’2 he became friendly with the crown prince of Spain, spending two summers with him and his family, paintings portraits, and expanding his circle of royal patrons. He was given a salaried position as a court painter in 1786, and in 1799 was made the first court painter, painting for the king and his family, as well as the Spanish nobility.

      Between the years of 1792 and 1793, Goya suffered from a mysterious illness, which made him deaf, and affected his mental behavior. Some current medical scientists believe that his deafness was a result of the lead in which he used in his paints, whereas others believe it may have been some sort of viral encephalitis. Either way, its effect on Goya cannot be understated. After his illness, he became withdrawn and introspective, and began painting a series of disturbing paintings on the walls of his house in Quinta del Sordo. His earlier themes of merry festivals and cartoons changed into depictions of war and corpses, representing a darkening of his mood. Whether this has more to do with the French declaration of war on Spain or some medical problem leading to mental disturbance is up to debate.

      As such, his legacy ranges from simple portraits of the royal family to devilish portrayals of demons eating their young. His legacy also has inspired several operas, a piano suite, and a number of feature films.

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      Francisco Goya(1746-1828)
      浪漫主義藝術家弗朗西斯科·戈雅(Francisco Goya)專題網站




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